End the Homework Hassle

Hassle-free homework makes life better for everyone

Parent and Student

After a full day of school, work, mealtime and extracurricular activities the burden of homework looms large and burdensome. 

Daily Study Periods

Short periods of homework study such as 10 minutes five days a week will reap higher rewards than a full one-hour session on the weekend.  I cringe when hearing of children crying for hours at the table trying to finish homework solo.  Sit with them, turn on a timer, and work as fast as they can.  Treat it as important and they will take on your positive attitude regarding study and work.

Daughter and Parent Working


A valuable addition to instruction is discussion.  They explain, you listen and guide them as they explore and learn.  If they can teach you the skill, that is a higher level of mastery than simply being able to perform an exercise.  An exchange of dialogue about the subject will elevate the level of instruction.  Vocabulary growth offers its own benefit across subjects and increases the effectiveness of time spent exponentially.

Location, Location, Location

A set time and place will help the routine become cemented into their schedule.  If it is the kitchen table, I would clear it and turn it into a temporary work area.  They could even make a sign that they set up each day.  Quickly converting it from eating to studying will trick the brain into entering a learning state.

Zoom call with teacher

Teacher Help

Communicate with the teacher when deep problems arise.  They will often guide interested parents to the needed or most important areas of study.  I share a weekly email with my class parents that have tips as needs arise in the classroom.  When parents reach out, I watch the student more carefully in class.  I often create an extra practice for all if I feel it will be of benefit.  Our school has many online bits of help such as online textbooks and extra practice programs for reading and math.  Your school may also or your teacher may share beneficial ideas.

Try out these tips to alleviate the toil and strife of education for your student.