Tired of your music?

Find music you will love using your music streaming services.

Tired of listening to the same tunes on the radio day after day? We are too! Radio stations recognize that their audiences are usually looking to listen to songs or artists they are familiar with and as a result, they will loop playlists to ensure that they satisfy the general audience. However, for many of us, this leads to major music fatigue. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran is great, but when is enough enough?

There is no doubt that Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and Usher are amazing musicians, but the music industry is gigantic, and there are virtually endless numbers of good artists to diversify your playlists.

So what next?

1. Use a music streaming service

There are a number of really fantastic music streaming options available that are quite similar and offer largely the same body of music to choose from. What you use will likely be determined by the devices you use or by what you have used in the past. However it can be beneficial to check out your options and see if another platform might suit you better. 

Nowadays, any of the streaming services above are fantastic and you will struggle to find any of your favorite artists missing from their platforms. 

2. Create a library of your favorite music

While you can find new music when you are first using these services, they really shine after they get to know your musical taste. Add some of your favorite artists and songs to your library keeping in mind that any songs you add can impact the recommendations the platform gives later on. Over time this library will grow, but it is a good idea to start with a good base of your favorites.

3. Listen to suggested music

Now that you have added some music to your library, your streaming service is going to start creating playlists with suggestions based on your music. Give some of these playlists a try! Unlike live radio, you can skip songs that you don’t love. As you listen, make sure you add any songs you like so that your streaming service can continue to learn your taste. Most services will also allow you to “dislike” songs as well which will further allow it to learn your taste. 

4. Explore your new found music

Once you have started to find some new songs and artists that you enjoy, you can start to dig into some of the artists’ deep cuts. If it is your first time hearing an awesome song from an artist, it can be a great sign that they will have more music you will love. Sometimes you will only find one or two songs you enjoy, but you might also find you have struck gold!

5. Continue to discover

Now that you have discovered some new tunes, your streaming service will have learned a thing or two about your music preferences and will continue to suggest potentially awesome music. Check out any new release playlists as they are often personalized as well, only including recently released tracks. 

Old fashioned radio is still a great way to hear some awesome tunes, but there is no doubt that they could use a bit of work in the variety of songs they choose. With a little work though, your library can be as diverse as you want it to be!

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