Apex Legends Hitting Their Stride in Season 5

Respawn hitting all the right marks in

Following the success of Fortnite and PUBG, other game makers started jumping on the battle royale bandwagon, achieving varying levels of success. While they all have taken different approaches with the development of their games, Respawn has done a particularly good job keeping the world fresh, characters interesting, and maintaining a level of creativity in gameplay and player strategy. 

Finding the Right Balance

Keeping a game fresh can be a challenging task, especially when you create the precedence that you are going to deliver big and exciting changes at the beginning of every season. In the battle royale genre, players expect a big change in scenery, an exciting new character, or some major change to the actual gameplay inside the game. Playerbases have very little tolerance for mediocre work in this area and will voice their displeasure in masses. And for the most part, if you do these things, games will maintain their fanbase. 

For the first 5 seasons of Apex Legends, Respawn has largely delivered on all of these fronts adding or modifying maps, adding or modifying characters, and enhancing the gameplay with character abilities or weapon modifications. And much to Respawn’s credit, they have done so in response to feedback from their player base. The game constantly feels like it is evolving, and as soon as you feel like you are adjusted, the game makes another change and immediately feels fresh again. Respawn has done a terrific job of balancing these areas to keep the game alive and well over the past 16 months.

Gameplay Gif of apex legends

Apex Legend’s Newest Strength

Right from the getgo, Apex Legends launched with a fresh take on the genre, utilizing assets and mechanics from the game Titanfall, with an emphasis on movement and tempo. It was fun to play! However, the legends themselves were lacking depth, especially in their relationships and backstories. As the game evolved, respawn began to introduce new characters with increasingly compelling stories allowing players to get to know new and old characters alike. Now mid-way through season 5, the Buzz around this game has shifted from its fun gameplay to the legends themselves and their relationships with each other. With the introduction of characters like Loba, Revenant, or Watson, we are also seeing how their stories are intertwined with the other legends in the game.

 In season 5 respawn has leaned into this tactic by introducing a PVE story-driven mode in which players uncover clues and find out more about the legends of the game. Because new missions in this mode are released throughout the season, Respawn has found a way to keep players coming back for more, beyond just fun gameplay. 

A GIF of the story in Apex Legends

Now in Season 5, Respawn is hitting all the right marks with exciting changes to the map, new characters and abilities, and improved gameplay. But beyond this, they now have storytelling at their disposal, and they are doing as well as anyone could expect for a full-fledged “battle-royale” game. With Respawn looking to continue development on Apex Legends for the foreseeable future, we should also expect to see new and exciting additions to the game’s stories as well.

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