Some of the Best Mobile Games Ever

A few of our favorite mobile games ever made.

Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming scene has exploded over the last several years, and an increasing number of gamers are spending their time playing games on their mobile devices.  While games increasingly become the norm for phones, it was not long ago when their primary purpose was to give you a distraction in those moments where you could only sit and wait. We are going to look back at some of the greatest mobile games ever made.


Sending a simple text message on a classic Nokia 3310 wasn’t always the easiest feat in the world, and playing a game on that tiny screen was no exception. Despite the small, stiff buttons and a tiny screen, Snake was an excellent time waster and spawned countless remakes. Its gameplay was simple and addictive, and the accidental wrong turn was often enough to lead many to test the durability of those classic phones. 

Two Dots

Two-Dots uses bright colors, great sound, and simple mechanics to create a wonderful game for the ages. The game takes you on a fantastic journey through time and space as you solve over 1500 puzzles.  

The Battle of Polytopia

Much like other civ strategy games, The Battle of Polytopia allows players to build an empire, train an army, and conquer enemy civilizations. The animation is quirky but very well made, and the gameplay has great depth and gives the player a wide variety of strategies to choose from to best other civilizations. 

Plague Inc.

While this game has been out for several years now, it continues to be one of the top games in the play store. And with a current pandemic hitting the world during the release of this article, the game seems particularly appropriate. Plague Inc. allows the player to take the place of a pathogen and try and evolve to wipe out humanity as it tries to stop you. It’s not visually spectacular, but the gameplay is riveting and requires quite a bit of strategy as you move through the various types of pathogens. 

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an illusionary puzzle adventure game that follows a silent princess named Ida. As you play the game you will guide Ida through a series of puzzles by manipulating a series of impressively designed optical illusions and beautiful architecture. While many of the puzzles are quite simple, the complexity of some of the visual illusions make every level worth playing. 

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was probably the most hyped mobile game ever released, and for the most part, it lived up to that hype. The game uses AR technology to turn your phone into a virtual bridge with the world of Pokemon. While the game was a huge success on release, the game has continued to improve as Niantic continues to support its development. 

Alto's Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is visually magnificent, the soundtrack is stunning, and the game play is extremely entertaining. Following Alto and company on their journey through beautifully animated landscapes while completing objectives and avoiding obstacles creates a wonderful game for any type of gamer.  The games design allows players to enter a sort of zen mode, especially on longer runs, which can be a great escape from the anxiety ridden world we all live in. All things considered, this game is a masterpiece. 

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